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January 2024
News Roundup
Netherlands - Criteo's Cookie Issue
A judge in Amsterdam orders Criteo to stop deleting cookies without permission. Despite the company's appeal, there will be a fine of 250 euros per day, up to 25,000 euros, until compliance.
US & Canada
Universal Opt-Out Mechanisms
Colorado AG Weiser mandates universal opt-out mechanisms from July 1, 2024, under the Privacy Act for eligible organizations. His office will maintain a recognized list to comply with opt-out standards.
Privacy Notice Guidelines
Quebec's data authority releases guidelines under Law 25 for privacy notices. Aims to enhance compliance, protect personal info with recommended elements.
Company Spotlight
How Mandatly helps with Privacy Management?
  • Keep track of all your data assets and maintain a precise record of personal data.
  • Automate opt-out requests and ensure compliance with ease, including adhering to "Do Not Sell/Share" directives.
  • Simplify cookie compliance with a user-friendly cookie consent solution.
  • Streamline subject rights requests and handle them efficiently.
  • Automate and streamline your privacy assessments, saving time and resources.
No more manual tasks, spreadsheets, or late nights. Mandatly's affordable and powerful solutions make privacy compliance efficient and effortless.
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Privacy compliance is more than just legal compliance.
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