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May 2024
News Roundup
The characterization of covered data in the American Privacy Rights Act
Professionals in the privacy field who are examining the draft of the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) are perplexed by the vague definition of "personal data." Unlike other privacy laws, APRA defines "covered data" by heavily referencing pre-existing state and international privacy standards rather than using the term "personal."
To see the difference between APRA and GDPR
A state court hearing on the CPPA rules procedure is scheduled in California
The California Privacy Protection Agency's rulemaking authority will be the subject of a hearing scheduled by the Sacramento Superior Court on June 21. The agency's authority to enact new regulations without providing notice to comply is being questioned by the California Chamber of Commerce. Initially, they filed a lawsuit to stall the implementation of the California Privacy Rights Act.
US Senate AI working group releases roadmap
Discover the U.S. Senate's roadmap for artificial intelligence, emphasizing innovation and guidance over stringent regulations. With a focus on investment and targeted legislative proposals, explore how lawmakers aim to shape AI policy and address societal impacts while fostering innovation.
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The American Privacy Rights Act of 2024 (APRA)
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